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Contrade Italian Dinnerware is available in all 17 District Designs and each design is available in eight different products. the Silkworm (Bruco), for centuries has represented the "Rione del Bruco" during the Palio horse race. "Rione" stands for Neighborhood. The Contrade Italian Ceramics are handcrafted in Siena, Italy." Bruco is situated to the north of the Piazza del Campo. Traditionally, its residents worked in the silk trade. Bruco's symbol is a crowned caterpillar crawling on a rose. Its colours are green and yellow, trimmed with blue. Bruco is one of the four nobile (noble) contrade; its title was earned in 1369 by its people's bravery in helping to defeat Charles IV, and consolidated in 1371 when they led the revolt to replace the Sienese council with a people's government. Its Sede is at Via del Comune, 44. Its patron Saint is the Madonna (Visitation of the Sainted Mary), and the Titulary feast is on 2 July. Its motto is "Come rivoluzion sona il mio nome" (As revolution sounds my name). It is allied to the Istrice, Nicchio and Torre contrade and not officially opposed to any other contrade. Its traditional animosity against neighbouring Giraffa (giraffe) ended, formally, in 1996. Last victory- 16 August 2008. It has had 37 official victories. Build your kitchen set today with this Bruco Salad Plate.

During the Renaissance, Italian cities were partitioned into districts or neighborhoods called Contrade to supply troops to the military. Today, the most celebrated Contrade are of Siena, where 17 Contrade, each represented by a symbol or animal, compete in the Piazza del Campo for pride and the glory of winning in a biannual horse race called the Palio di Siena, which dates back to 1656.
In 1986, Walter Staccioli began producing ceramic pieces incorporating the Contrade patterns of Siena. Today, based upon each Contrada’s individual flag that festoons rider and horse in events surrounding the Palio di Siena, Sonia Staccioli and her sister Jada carry on the traditions. These works of art can only be found exclusively at Biordi and the Staccioli workshop at the Piazza del Campo in Siena.

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